Hunting territory

The Cariboo is a region in the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada, about 500km north of Vancouver. Our hunting territory covers over 1'000 km2 in the southern part of the Cariboo encompassing many lakes, beautiful forests, mountains, the Fraser Plateau, hills, open areas and swamps. The elevation throughout the hunting territory is between 1000-1200m.

Wildlife in the Cariboo

Black Bear Cinnamon Bear

While spring will offer the best chances for a successful bear hunt, they can also be hunted in fall (September/ October) before they go into hibernation.


Fall is moose hunting time! A challenge, but well worth the hunt. They can weigh up to 500kg and are the largest big game we can hunt in our hunting territory.

Mule Deer

Our hunting territory provides a great habitat for thousands of mule deer. If you are hunting for bear and wolf in spring, you will be seeing many mule deer.

White-Tailed Deer

The white-tail is not as common as the mule deer, but over the years we see more and more in our territory.

Timber Wolf

The timber wolf is the most intelligent and cautious predator of North America and the Canadian hunting success is under 10%. Patience is a must to prove you are the better hunter.


Combine your wolf hunt with a coyote hunt and expand your search with the "smaller brother" of the wolf.


Cougar season starts in late fall/winter as soon as the snow falls. With the assistance of a professional cougar guide and his experienced hounds, you can experience the hunt for these large cats.


With its long legs and broad paws, the  lynx is an excellent predator, focusing primarily on hares. Create a true feline hunting experience by combining cougar, lynx and bobcat.


The bobcat is the smallest of the 3 felines. Create a true feline hunting experience by combining cougar, lynx and bobcat.

Small game

Grouse & hare are an excellent addition while you're on your big game hunt or after a successful hunting day.


The terrain is fairly easy with some hills, swamps and lakes as well as flat areas. There are many trails and forestry roads, but off the trails the bush can be quite dense. We welcome hunters of every age and can adjust our hunting plans to your fitness abilities, but a basic fitness level is required to ensure a positive hunting experience.


Depending on the time of year, the hunters and area we are in, we will set up camp during the slow hunting hours and spend the night outside. That way we can ensure we are ready and in position at the first moment of the hunt. Meals will be prepared on the open fire and tents/shelters will be provided for this purpose. Upon request we are also happy to provide a sleeping bag.